If you’re a business that uses text messaging to connect with your customer base, then 10DLC is absolutely critical to the way you do business– whether you realize it or not.

Many business owners don’t realize that mobile carriers have created a new registration process for companies just like yours to properly use 10DLC to reach out to customers.

In this survival guide, we’ll equip you with everything you need to know about 10DLC Registration. 

Not only that, but if you’re interested, we’ll also help you register absolutely free (with no strings attached). If you’re ready to register, we can walk you through the process at no charge, just click here to talk to one of our experts at no charge to you.

If you want to learn more about 10DLC registration and why it’s absolutely critical, keep reading.

10DLC Registration – What is It, Really?

Let’s discover what 10DLC stands for, and a learn simple definition of what 10DLC registration is. Following that, we’ll talk about some of the more nuanced details of 10DLC registration, and why it’s so critical right now.


What Does 10DLC Mean?

To learn what 10DLC registration is, let’s first define what ‘10DLC’ stands for. 10DLC is simply an abbreviation for the phrase ‘10-digit long code’. And candidly, it’s not as foreign as it sounds. 10DLC is basically a more technical term for what most people think of as a ‘regular’ (also known as a standard) phone number.


What is A2P 10DLC Registration?

When you’re learning about 10DLC, it’s inevitable that the abbreviation ‘A2P’ will also pop up in the conversation. A2P is an abbreviation that means ‘application-to-person’ texting. A2P messaging is the most common form of messaging if you’re using any sort of software to send out SMS messages to your customers or prospects.

So, for example, if you use Text-Calibur to send text messages to your customer, you would be using A2P messaging. 

Just know that when you hear 10DLC registration, it’s 99.9% implied and assumed you’re talking about A2P 10DLC registration.


Why Do We Need 10DLC Registration?

Simply put, companies and organizations are currently sending an enormous amount of text messages to their customers and prospects using traditional 10-digit phone numbers. 

The thing is that these traditional phone numbers aren’t designed for the number of messages being sent at such a high volume (also known as high message throughput), and therefore problems are arising.

 10DLC registration for your company numbers allows for more quick, reliable, and safe messaging that is sanctioned by mobile operators/carriers. 

The bottom line is this: when your number is registered properly using A2P 10DLC, it offers you and your customers more reliable communication than if you used the same number without registering. Using 10DLC, your messages have a much higher chance of being delivered, customers have less chance of getting SPAM, and both sides are happier overall.


A Basic Definition of DLC10 Registration

To define it generally, 10DLC registration is the process of applying for– and then getting approved by– mobile network carriers to send SMS messages to customers (most often by using an application). 

So what are you registering, and what needs approval? Great question. When you register for 10DLC, you’re asking mobile carriers to recognize your business’s 10-digit long codes (phone numbers) as formally belonging to your company (formally known throughout this process as your ‘brand’).


What Info is Needed for 10DLC Registration

The registration process will include various pieces of information, but the most prominent details to have on hand are:

  • Company name: the full, legal name on your paperwork
  • Organization type: whether your company is a nonprofit, publicly traded, etc.
  • Country: the country your company is registering in
  • Tax ID: also known as an EIN 
  • Web address: the main URL your company uses for your business

Those are things you’ll probably have on hand (or can get if you talk to the proper people or departments in your organization). If you have questions about how to get these things, reach out and we can help at no charge. There are two other things you’ll need that may surprise you though.


Info That Trips Most People Up During Registration

If you had to guess what information most commonly slowed down the registration process, you might think it’s a company’s tax ID number or finding out what kind of organization type they are. 

It’s neither of those things. In fact, we find that the thing that most commonly slows down registration are:

  • Descriptions of all of the text campaigns you will be using
  • Sample messages for each text campaign

Many companies get to this part of the process and then have to connect with their marketing department to get a list of all of their campaigns (and then example messages from those campaigns). 

What can be even more tricky is if you’re registering for a text campaign that you haven’t written yet– we’ve seen that happen, and it can slow down the registration process substantially.

If this sounds like a lot of information, don’t worry– we’re here to help.  You can register for a 100% free Text-Calibur account by clicking here or you can contact us here, and one of our 10DLC experts can go over things with you one on one. With minimal work on your part, we can even help you figure out anything you’re missing.


The Proper Steps for 10DLC Registration

While registration can seem simple at first, it can be very tricky and has a lot of nuance. One of the first things you’ll quickly discover is that there’s a very specific order to register to avoid any issues or setbacks.

When starting the process of 10DLC registration, it’s important to remember that you must verify several different things to complete the overall registration process. In fact, it might feel like you’re registering multiple times– but these are all different steps in the overall 10DLC registration process. 

To properly complete your 10DLC registration you will need to:

  • Register your Brand
  • Register Your Numbers
  • Register Your Specific Campaigns

Let’s look at these different steps in a bit more detail so you can understand them better.

(And remember– even though 10DLC registration can be confusing, but we’ve got you covered– we can walk you through registering your brand– just click here to register for a new (free) Text-Calibur account, or you can keep reading to learn more.


10DLC Brand Registration

To properly register your 10DLC phone numbers, you must first be a registered brand. Registering your brand is a form of verification to ensure that only legitimate companies are given access to 10DLC number registration. 

There are a number of ways to register your business, but the method that’s right for you can depend on what type of business you are, and other key details. Generally speaking, you’ll input your information into a form, and once that form is approved you’ll be a registered brand. Registered brands can then take the next step in the process, and register their numbers.

We recommend that before you choose your method of brand registration you should have a talk with one of our Text-Calibur registration experts at no charge. Or, start the process with this simple, cost-free Text-Calibur registration form.


10DLC Number Registration

As we’ve mentioned, once you register your company as a formal ‘brand’ you can then associate your 10-digit numbers and get the registered.


Campaign Registration

As we also mentioned above, you’ll need specifics regarding the campaigns you’ll be using these numbers for (complete with example messages that will be sent).


10DLC Registration Deadline

We’re not trying to be sensationalist when we tell you that the deadline to register for 10DLC has already passed, and the negative effects are likely already affecting your business.

In fact, as of March 2022, any non-registered messaging that isn’t 10DLC registered will suffer from some or all of the following consequences:

  • Messages not being delivered at all
  • Filtering and blocking of some messages
  • Higher messaging rates for your company (imposed by mobile carriers)

And that’s just for starters.

So yes, the deadline has already passed, but no it’s not too late to register. In fact, don’t waste another second, and let us help you get started right now.


10DLC Registration Made Simple with Text-Calibur

Text-Calibur is the best choice when it comes to real-life, proven experience with 10DLC registration. Our Text-Calibur experts are here to help, we have the 10DLC registration system down to a science, and we’re able to get you registered quickly and easily.

So if all of this talk of registering your brands and campaigns, the overall process of a correct campaign registry, and regulations regarding a2p traffic sound overwhelming, we’re happy to help you at no cost whatsoever. And remember, this is huge, and is not going away– even sites like Forbes are warning business owners.

Be sure your next 10dlc campaign is a properly registered, high-performing success with Text-Calibur.