So you did your big Black Friday SMS blast and made some sales. That’s great news. But even if you had an incredible Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), this is only the beginning of your marketing efforts to your list as you go into the holidays.


In this article, we’re going to explain to you how you can use Text-Calibur to keep the Black Friday ball rolling and continue to make revenue using strong follow-up techniques. 


Why Follow-Up is Important

Time after time, studies show that a very small percentage of sales are made during the first point of contact (some studies show as low as 2% – 5% percent depending on the industry). Even if you are very generous and say that 20% of your list bought from you on the first point of contact, you’re still missing out on as much as 80% of your opportunities. 


But it doesn’t end there. When you send the initial text, think of that as the starting line of a marathon, not a one-and-done sprint. Why? Because when you contact a prospect a second time, only 3-5% are likely to sign up. And when you contact them a third time, only 4-5% will sign up. So how often should you contact your prospects? Well, the numbers show that 80% percent or more tend to purchase between the fifth and twelfth point of contact.


So essentially, follow-ups are where 80% of your sales can be made. And five to twelve touchpoints might sound like overkill, but if you follow up with people in the right way, at the right time, and don’t hammer them too often, your customers won’t mind at all. People are busy, and if you have an offer they’re interested in, timing is everything. By staying in front of them you’re just looking for that perfect time when they can actually focus on what you’re sending and take a moment to make a purchase.


So as we move through the rest of this guide, don’t neglect your follow-ups or you’re neglecting the majority of your sales opportunities. 


Things to Keep in Mind About SMS Follow-Up

Know thy platform. When you’re sending SMS messages, you have a strong advantage over many other marketing platforms. Using Text-Calibur to conduct strong follow-up campaigns can be your strongest revenue stream if you execute properly. 


Remember that more than 85% of people keep their text message notifications on at all times. And to follow up on that, 95% of text messages from companies like yours are often read within the first three minutes of the time it’s sent. 


There is no other marketing channel with a delivery rate and open rate this high, so SMS marketing (and follow-up) should be a pillar of your marketing strategy. 

SMS Follow-Up Marketing Ideas

We’re going to give you some specific follow-up ideas that you can use to keep the Black Friday ball rolling. Remember that the campaigns that we’re suggesting could potentially be used with other SMS marketing software, but they’re being custom-built for our Text-Calibur software. 


The main reason for this is that Text-Calibur is the most flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use SMS marketing software on the market. For example, using our software you can quickly and easily insert a person’s name into your text (in this article you’ll see that referred to as [NAME]). 


So remember that if you use other software beware that your mileage may vary. 


We’re going to give you some specific examples of SMS messages that you can use, but before we do, here are some handy hacks you can use quickly to hit the ground running.

Tis the Season

Our first tip is a simple one, but it often gets overlooked. Absolutely make mention of the upcoming holidays. When you use phrases like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, “Tis the Season” and others, people immediately get into a mindset of making purchases for the people they love. 

Tweak What is Already Working

Take one or more messages from your campaigns that are already performing well and add a holiday greeting at the beginning. You can cut your original greeting or anything else that isn’t necessary to stay within the SMS character count limit of 160. 


For example, take this message:


“QUICK! 50% off sale starts now and ends at midnight. Use this link for the biggest discount”


And turn it into this message:


“Tis the Season to Give! 50% off sale starts now and ends at midnight. Use this link for the biggest discount”


When you take an offer that is working for you and position it as an opportunity to get a gift for others, your customers will be in an entirely different frame of mind about the purchase (which can lead to more sales). 


Tease Releases or Sales

The feeling of mystery can be a strong one, and you can use this to build hype with your customers. Rather than just sending a follow-up with a reminder, tease your list with something new. 


This follow-up strategy involves sending 2-3 SMS messages that are spaced out over a few days (we’ve included some ideas about the timing). 


SMS Message 1: 

[NAME], we’re sharing this secret early launch with loyal customers first. Check out this sneak peek: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 


SMS Message 2: (Send this one the next day or so)

It’s MASSIVE. Customers like you made this sneak peek a huge success. Get yours before we go live to everyone else. [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.


SMS Message 3: (Send this one in another day or two)

ALMOST GONE. We can’t believe how popular this has become. This is your last chance before they’re SOLD OUT. [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.


Extend Black Friday and Cyber Monday Prices

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are 100% synonymous with getting a deal, and you can use that mental association to turbocharge some of your follow-up offers. There are ways to do this so that customers don’t roll their eyes, and time is limited before it sounds cheesy to mention Black Friday. 


SMS Example:

We’ve NEVER seen something like this. Black Friday & Cyber Monday were so huge that we’ve extended them for 3 more days! [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.


SMS Example:

We’ve extended the HUGE discounts on our Black Friday best seller for 48 hours only! Check it out: [URL]. Reply STOP to opt-out


SMS Example:

Every day is Friday– Black Friday that is. We’ve extended our Black Friday sales for a full week due to demand. Shop now! [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 


You can get away with these sorts of texts for about a week after Black Friday– after that, it can easily lose its power or sound strange to certain customers that you’re talking about something that has long passed.

Do a Giveaway or Contest

People love to win free stuff, and when you add the fact that they can potentially win that free stuff to use as gifts for others, the combination is a powerful one. Build sweepstakes or contests that match your profit margins and price points, but also make it attractive enough that people will take the time to enter.


SMS Example:

Enter our Holiday Giveaway! Win $100 credit in our store plus one free [ITEM]. Enter now! [URL]. Reply STOP to opt-out.


SMS Example:

Want FREE gifts for others? Win a $50 gift card for your holiday shopping. Enter now! [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.


The Fear of Missing Out

Take a look at what did well for you on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and do another sale that isn’t quite as good– but almost. This will make many people who didn’t buy feel like they missed out on something the first time around, and the fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful thing. This can help nudge them into buying so they don’t miss out again.


SMS Example:

Missed Black Friday? We’ve got you covered. These deals are going fast, and these prices won’t last– act now. [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.


Come Up With New Promotions

Don’t be afraid of coming up with brand new offers that are totally unrelated to Black Friday. Remember that the main objective to getting these sales to convert is consistency and following up with your list instead of letting it get cold. Here are some promotional ideas that can re-ignite your list’s interests for the post-Black Friday holiday buying season.


SMS Example:

[NAME], happy holidays from [COMPANY]! Get 30-50% off of all purchases on our website through [DATE]. Shop now! [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.


SMS Example:

EPIC deals continue for the holidays! All of your favorite [COMPANY] products make excellent gifts. Get yours now: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.


SMS Example:

HUGE discounts from [COMPANY] plus: Get $30 off $100 purchases on our site. Perfect for gift buyers.[URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.

A Note on Auto-Fill Content

Remember that any of these templates that have auto-fill portions such as [COMPANY], [NAME], and [URL] are still at the mercy of an SMS message’s 160 character limit. Be careful and leave some breathing room for longer customer names. You can also get creative and do things like use link shorteners and abbreviate your company name to be sure you don’t go beyond the maximum allowable character limit. 


You Need the Best SMS Marketing Software 

For any of the text message promotional strategies that we’ve suggested to work well, you need flexible, reliable software to send your SMS campaigns. Text-Calibur is the only turnkey SMS marketing software that’s simple to use, affordable, and more powerful than you can imagine. 


These campaigns in this article are only scratching the surface, and if you’re not using the right tools to run your SMS campaigns, you’re definitely leaving money on the table. Let us show you how powerful Text-Calibur can be for you and your company. 


And you don’t have to go it alone. Our expert team is here to answer any questions you have and help guide you through the process of getting the absolute most out of our software. If you think these campaign ideas were good, wait until you see what else Text-Calibur is capable of.


You can get started with a free account today. You don’t have anything to lose. Act now if you still want to make some sales during the holiday season and beyond.


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