3. Creating a Campaign on Text-Calibur

Welcome to the Text-Calibur training guide. In this guide we will introduce you to everything you need to know to complete your first send. Topics that we will cover include how to make a campaign, how to add subscribers to a campaign, creating keywords, adding ‘trigger’ messages to your feeds and how to send a ‘message blast’. 

Creating a Campaign on Text-Calibur

Creating a Text Message Campaign is the first step when preparing a Send (text message campaign).

  • Click Campaign on the Menu to the left of your Dashboard


  • Click “Add” to create a new Campaign.
  • Name your Campaign.
    • Choose what type of phone numbers this campaign will be sent from.
      • Default is Long Code ($0.005/text)
    • Write a Description that explains the campaign’s leads, goals, or any other useful information (Optional) and press Save.
    • Your Campaign is now ready to have Subscribers (leads, clients) added and Feeds (Messages/APIs) created!

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