And here’s how we help you reach them:

Full API Capabilities

Connect your SMS lead generation directly to your website via API, or talk with our service team regarding custom API applications for integration almost anywhere on the web.

Scheduled Texts

You can schedule text messages minutes, hours, days, or even months in advance, allowing you to choreograph your campaigns for the exact right moment.

Subscriber Lookup

Text-Calibur automatically detects what country, type of number, carrier, device, and network your subscriber is from and using, effectively vetting your leads as soon as they are uploaded.

Free Inbound Long Code Messaging

Any inbound messages sent from your subscribers are free of charge to you, to encourage sparking conversations between you and your leads.

Keyword Responders

Mobile phone users can sign up for your text marketing and notification campaigns by simply texting a keyword to your phone number. Each keyword is tied to a unique series of communications afterward, and you may use as many keywords as you want within your account.

One-on-One Messaging

Have conversations with your leads, clients, and customers one-on-one to figure out their needs directly.

Feature Requests

Our immense flexibility in development allows us to integrate features monthly via client request. Whether it’s Lead APIs or integrating with current databases, our development team can make Text-Calibur yours.

Multiple Aggregators

We are dedicated to consistently providing our clients with the cheapest, most reliable SMS aggregators, and continue to add more aggregators every month!

Flexible Reply Automation

Our inbox allows you to separate who’s interested, who’s not, and who needs extra help, and allows you to message leads individually after a message blast!

Data Collection

This feature can automatically retrieve and collect any data your company wants. From state and zip code to email address and names.

Call Forwarding

No need to dilute the channels in which customers contact you – forward your purchased SMS numbers to your dedicated phone line and have them call the number you sent the text from!

Toll-Free Phone Numbers

A phone number with a distinct three-digit code that can be dialed from landlines, no charge, sending 3 messages per second.

Click Tracking

Dive further into your lead quality and retargeting, and find out what they are interested in by tracking clicks on your sent domains.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

DID can allow you to route your calls to your existing telephone lines.

Automated Messaging

You can set automatic replies whenever you’d like to respond to subscribers who send an Inbound text message.

Spin Text

By allowing you to vary the verbiage and domains within your SMS message, we alleviate the work of having to create multiple unique message blasts for the same campaign.

Contact Us

Text-Calibur dedicates itself to ensuring that your SMS goals are met, whatever they may be. We’d love to help you in a one-on-one conversation, or answer any questions you have via e-mail or messenger services! 

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