What is the use of SMS marketing in digital marketing, you might ask?


In the digital world, content marketing is growing rapidly as it finds new and quick ways to reach a broader audience. Brands and companies are finding SMS marketing to be an essential and efficient marketing medium. 


SMS marketing campaigns are assisting in increasing ROI by 45% and creating a more personalized, targeted conversation with continued and potential customers. Being able to reach out to your audience via mobile is easier now than it was a decade ago, giving businesses another way to reach out to their audience. 


To help express the positives of mobile marketing into your marketing services here are a few benefits. 


1. Direct pathway to your customers


SMS messaging is a direct channel pointing you to your customers in a personal way. The average American checks their mobile phone 47 times a day with 97% of mobile users reading their texts within minutes of delivery. 


When brands contact their customers through a subscription service 59% of those customers visit that brand’s store or website. Half of that 59% actually purchase an item. 


SMS services are becoming so popular now that people are even seeking it out to opt-in. From 2015-2017, text message marketing grew 92% from business to customer interactions, showing how usual sms marketing can be for your brand. 


2. Increases customer engagement


80% of people already use text messages for businesses, so why don’t you? Customers are familiar with businesses reaching out to them via SMS messages. By contacting your customers directly you are already making a personal connection with them. 


You can personalize reminders, vouchers, discounts, promos, or birthday deals straight to your customer’s mobile device. This shows how much you care about your customer’s loyalty to your brand. 


3. Assisting other channels


SMS marketing can help encourage and advance other marketing mediums like email and


social media. By texting your audience directly you can immediately link them to your 


social media accounts. You can also lead them to open certain emails to encourage using promos and entering surveys to better help your company. 


Texting your audience about your social media can help promote your brand. This will educate your customers on your brand, encouraging them to share your business. This is a marketing tool you can grow with as you discover what deals, promos, and reminders work best for you as well as learning what your customers want from your business. 


4. Quicker than Email 


Most users tend to ignore their email inbox because there are so many other notifications they receive daily on their phone. Email is the last thing they check due to being distracted by other notifications or they tend to think it is just business related. 


In fact, the average person takes at least 90 minutes to answer an email compared to 90 seconds to reply to a text message. 


The open rate for email is also lower at 20% where SMS is as high as 98%. This is because reaching out to customers through text message has become more of a norm. Most people expect it now because advertising and subscriptions have become less formal. 


When using email marketing as a marketing tool, make sure you are using other marketing strategies to better advertise your business. 


5. Greater Response Rate


Not only do text messages get opened more often than email, but they have a higher response rate too. On average, SMS receives a 45% response rate because only 10% of SMS messages are spam where 50% of emails are spam. 


Due to customers being aware that their text messages are most likely not spam, they tend to take only 3 minutes or less to reply. Since people often take time going into their email because they know it isn’t urgent they usually don’t reply until at least 90 minutes after the email was sent. 


Compared to phone calls, email and Facebook, text message marketing has a 209% higher response rate, making SMS rates 5 times greater than email. 


6. Response data


Keeping track of ROI, identifying customers’ engagement and monitoring delivery rates are possible through SMS. By using these analytics your business can create campaigns that are targeted to what your audience expects and helps you build a better understanding of your database. 


This can save you money from doing further research into finding your audience’s expectations and improving your ROI. 


7. Subscriptions


Subscriptions have become so common that in 2019, 7.9 Billion mobile subscriptions were active worldwide. It’s become so popular that 80% of people seek it out when looking into a company. 


90% of customers who have enrolled in SMS loyalty programs benefit by receiving reminders on special promos for opting in. Most subscription plans offer specific deals and coupons purchases when you give the company your email. On companies like Starbucks and Amazon where one would use them regularly, a subscriber would benefit by receiving money off their purchases. 


SMS marketing is a strategy where it has become such an important part of the modern marketing world. It has given new and old businesses the chance to start communicating with their customers via mobile phones. Considering most people individually have a phone of their own, SMS marketing has quickly become one of the most important marketing strategies for one on one contact with businesses and their customers


There are many considerable reasons why SMS marketing can help your business. From increasing response rates to achieving better response data, SMS marketing can help advertise, endorse, and flourish your business. You can achieve this in multiple categories by just sending a few text messages. SMS marketing has begun to take the lead in marketing strategies where email is slowly becoming obsolete. It would be silly to not jump on the SMS marketing wagon. 


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