The entire world has their phone in front of them (or at least with them) virtually every minute they’re awake.  You need to ensure that your digital marketing efforts include a plan to reach people in a way that cuts through the noise, and gets their attention. That method is SMS marketing campaigns. 


It’s not uncommon to see reports of text-message campaigns increasing a marketing campaign’s return on investment (ROI) by 40% or more when used properly. Not only is reaching people via SMS worlds easier than it was even a few years ago, but studies show that people nowadays typically prefer to receive relevant marketing offers on their phones (the key word there is relevant). 


So how can you be sure to send relevant SMS campaigns that you know will actually arrive, reaching your customer’s mobile devices? You need to use TextCalibur.


TextCalibur is a powerful SMS marketing tool that will allow you to reliably, efficiently, and affordably send SMS text campaigns to expand your digital marketing reach. 


Here are some specific examples of how marketers and businesses like yours are using TextCalibur to increase their revenue, and become more efficient. 


Use TextCalibur for SMS Success 

You can’t use any old “off-the-shelf” SMS marketing tool and expect it to get you results. Firstly, most of them are extremely complex to set up– let alone actually use. Secondly, there are often limitations and downsides. You won’t face any of those common shortcomings with TextCalibur. So what do we do that’s different?


Send Millions of Messages


TextCalibur can send literally millions of messages a day, not just single or small-batch text messages. Being able to send out mass texts with your TCPA compliant data means reaching your entire audience in a timely manner for maximum results. Don’t be limited by the send restrictions of your SMS marketing software.

Access to Shortcodes*

Shortcodes are the holy grail of SMS marketing. They get their name from being 5-6 digits (much shorter than a standard 10 digit long code). Shortcodes are a specific kind of phone number that is specially designed for high send volumes (also known as “high-throughput”). They allow for two-way messaging and they have an incredibly high delivery rate (almost 100%).


Getting a shortcode is expensive and difficult. It is a highly-vetted process that includes your own opt-in procedure that is approved by each carrier– and they are all very choosy as to who they give shortcodes to. But getting a shortcode is only half of the headache– maintaining your shortcode is even more challenging than getting one (and requires constant work).


Shortcodes are expensive and stringently vetted, but once they are acquired they act as a passport for your text message marketing campaigns. This is because once a short-code is granted, the mobile carriers assume that the messages that pass through it will be above-board and follow all of their rules and TCPA guidelines.


As a company, we have access to shortcodes for those who are eligible for our partner program. *See more about our partner program further down in the article.


Use Case: Fraser is one of our partners whom we send for via shortcode. In the month of August, we sent 800k messages for him. The send costs were $6,509.04, but his overall payout from those sends was $18,852.88. So in this use case, Fraser profited nearly 200% harnessing the power of TextCalibur’s shortcode send capabilities.


How to Monetize Your Existing Data


Whether you’re a small business selling apparel, books, tabletop board games, or anything else, you’re likely collecting opt-in customer data. If that data includes phone numbers, and you’re not sending SMS campaigns to your audience, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. Even if you’ve never sent text-message campaigns before, you can use TextCalibur to get started now, and reach people you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten through to with phone calls, emails, or other promotions. 


Use Case: A small business that uses SMS marketing to reach out to their customer database is a powerful thing. We have an internal brand called Good Rep Media that is a digital marketing company. They use TextCalibur SMS campaigns for marketing and outreach to their customer’s existing databases to great effect. 


They’ll send coupon codes, offers, and sale notifications on behalf of their customers, and see a massive surge in revenue and activity for the companies in question. They are able to simply and easily drive interest to their client’s products and services by sending text-offers to existing phone numbers that were otherwise collecting dust.


Are you a marketer who wants to get a broader message out to your audience? Then consider monetizing your existing data through text message campaigns. (Be sure you’re TCPA compliant when doing so.)


SMS for Call Centers: A Data Gold Mine

Many call centers are buying and generating data, but aren’t fully capitalizing on it. Stuck in an old-school mindset, their primary focus is to concentrate entirely on phone calls, telling their employees to “pound the phones,” or “smile and dial.” With more and more people ignoring calls from strange numbers, contact ratios are declining for many call centers. 


Outbound calls are getting more and more challenging with carriers getting increasingly stringent with what they consider SPAM (or SPAM Likely). And with the FCC cracking down on robocallers with their STIR/SHAKEN protocols firmly in place, call centers are having tougher times than ever. 


So why not drive more inbound calls? It seems like a dream come true, right? If you have opt-in TCPA-compliant data, you can use text message marketing campaigns to send offers to customers. 


The way this typically works is to send out a long code message through one of our 10 digit phone numbers. If someone replies with a specific keyword, it automatically sends out a follow-up message and goes into a feed of messages meant to convert them into an inbound call for your call center.  


Are you looking to drive more inbound calls? Then TextCalibur is for you. This is an incredible opportunity that most call centers are missing out on.


Use case: We work with various call centers that use TCPA-compliant numbers to send SMS campaigns that drive inbound phone calls at a fantastic rate. They’ve regularly driven profits of $1,000 – $1,500 per $300 dollar send via TextCalibur.

Start Making More Revenue Today

Text-Calibur is a simple, powerful tool that was designed by marketers like you. Are you looking to get up and running quickly and start making more revenue today? For many of our users, they’re sending campaigns quickly after they sign-up because the interface is so simple and intuitive (some have called it ‘MailChimp for texting, and we agree). 


TextCalibur has been programmed and coded from its inception to include all of the tools you need to send SMS messages quickly, easily, and reliably. Our system lets you send long code messages with nearly the same reliability as shortcodes, so your messages will be delivered. Additionally, you’ll have an incredible amount of remarketing and segmenting tools, customizable triggers, auto-responders and more.


If for any reason your number stops working, TextCalibur will automatically replace it, and if you run into any issues at all, contact our incredible in-house support team who know TextCalibur inside and out. 


Partner Program

As we mentioned earlier in the article, we have an amazing partner program through TextCalibur that has some incredible benefits. One of the primary partner benefits is being able to send your messages out through our shortcode, guaranteeing an incredible delivery rate (nearly 100% on average). 


To become a partner, you have to have ethical, clean traffic, and you have to be generating TCPA compliant data in every case. If this is you, we can very likely help you monetize your data in a new, reliable way through our TextCalibur partner program. 


If you’re interested in learning more, contact [email protected] and we can start a conversation. 


Use the Top SMS Marketing Platforms

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re brand new to the world of SMS marketing, a seasoned veteran, or anything in between, TextCalibur is the perfect tool for you. 


You can experience the same sorts of results that we shared with you in the use cases above but within your industry. In fact, if you use TextCalibur properly, maybe you could even be our next use case. 


You’ll never know unless you give it a shot. What are you waiting for? It’s time to increase your revenue and customer reach using the power of reliable, cutting-edge SMS marketing. 


Start your 100% free TextCalibur account here.