Text-Calibur is the future of SMS marketing for affiliate marketers, and if you’re not using it, you’re missing out on mountains of opportunity.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through how Text-Calibur can help you maximize your affiliate offers and increase revenue through text marketing.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re also going to walk you through several ways you can link other software to your SMS marketing efforts to bring your affiliate marketing campaigns to a whole new level.

What’s Destroying Your SMS Campaigns?

It’s common knowledge that SMS marketing is the easiest, high converting mass marketing platform. With open rates of 90% it’s more crucial than ever to get text messages to your potential clients.

But how can you do that? Here’s what you’re up against (and it’s not getting any easier):

  • Strict laws in place to protect consumers (TCPA)
  • Phone service carriers getting more and more strict by the day
  • Most software used for sending texts in large quantities is way too hard for the average human to use without a deep level of technical knowledge
  • Text message shortcodes are expensive and cumbersome to acquire

So what can you possibly do? It’s simple. If you use Text-Calibur, none of those challenges will stop you.

Don’t Miss This New Golden Era of Earnings

There was a time many years ago when email marketing was in a golden age, and people were making insane amounts of money.

The market wasn’t nearly as saturated, people opened their emails and clicked links, and conversion rates were higher than ever.

The thing is, to be successful during that email golden age, you had to have a pretty high level of do-it-yourself technical knowledge.

There was no MailChimp or AWeber– people had to do the heavy lifting themselves with limited technology. That barrier of entry kept most people out, and the few who could navigate the market were getting rich.

Why does that matter now? Because we’re in a new golden era for SMS marketing, and you can be a part of it. 

The difference is that now, we do have a tool that will let anyone dive in and start making money with SMS marketing: Text-Calibur.

Text-Calibur is like MailChimp for Texting

If you want to be one of those gritty do-it-yourselfers, there are text message tools out there to send SMS messages in high volume, but they’re brutal to use and require a deep level of tech-savvy.

What good is a powerful, costly tool if you can’t use it? That’s exactly what other text messaging software is. And if you can’t use the tool, you can’t make the money.

Text-Calibur is simple to use and is specifically designed by affiliate marketers, for affiliate marketers. Some of our users have described it as “MailChimp for SMS Marketing”, and it’s literally the only tool of its kind.

One of the main reasons Text-Calibur makes you money is because it’s a tool you can start using right away with a very slight learning curve.

Don’t spend a ton of money on other software and then be forced to spend ten hours on YouTube and lurking in forums just trying to learn how to start using it.

Text-Calibur Has an Insane Amount of Features

Text-Calibur has been coded from the ground up to include a plethora of tools to get more conversions.  Here are just some of the robust tools that will help your SMS affiliate marketing make more revenue by maximizing efficiency and creating more opportunities.

  • Our streamlined system is constantly being updated and works excellently with current carrier guidelines.
  • If your phone number stops working, Text-Calibur automatically replaces it.
  • It’s loaded with re-marketing tools and separates leads that respond so you can hyper-focus on them
  • Our system’s configuration allows you to send long code messages with the same reliability as shortcode messages
  • Auto-responders, customizable triggers, and much, much more.

Text-Calibur is Insanely Affordable

The reason Text-Calibur is so affordable is simple: it’s a robust, stand-alone tool that was built specifically for SMS affiliate marketing.

Most other software tools that can help affiliate marketers are buried inside of bloated software suites that cost thousands a month.

Because Text-Calibur is laser-focused, we’re able to offer it at an amazing, affordable price, which means it’s saving you a truckload of money each month.

Support Staff at Your Fingertips

If all of that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got an in-house support staff that knows Text-Calibur inside and out.

The beauty of this is that our entire support team uses Text-Calibur personally, and are affiliate marketers themselves, so they’ll be a rich resource for any guidance you need with the software.

A Monetization Chain Hack for Your Affiliate Marketing

Chances are, if you’re here looking for Text-Calibur, you know your way around affiliate marketing, and as you take these next steps into growth, we’ll meet you at the door ready to help.

Text-Calibur is the spearhead of a full strategy that will lead you to more sales. Don’t be forced into using the same bloated, expensive software suites that cost a fortune, and are difficult to use.

Use these tools that were custom coded by our team who live and breathe affiliate marketing.

Layer 1 – Text-Calibur

Text-Calibur drives traffic to the offer. Using our advanced set of features, remarketing tools, and an insanely good delivery rate, we’ll drive more traffic for you.

Why It Works: Apart from the sheer amount of things it can do, it ensures your messages get delivered.

Layer  2 – Apex Page Builder

Apex Page Builder converts more of the traffic you’re sending through Text-Calibur. Apex is an affiliate marketing-centric landing page builder that lets you build landing pages that are designed to convert quickly and easily.

Why It Works: It allows you to build high-converting pages for offers at blinding speeds, and the tracking is designed specifically for affiliate marketing (with features like buttons behaving dynamically and having the ability to pass tokens in URLs, and much more).

Layer 3 – Reach Call Menu

Reach Call Menu seamlessly handles any call-in phone traffic that your Text-Calibur campaign generates. You can create an offer web within an automated phone system so when people call in they are presented with an audio offer wall.

Why It Works: Reach Call Menu is the only type of software of its kind with as many features as it has. If Text-Calibur is the MailChimp of SMS marketing, Reach Call Menu is like the MailChimp of automated phone menus and offers the most flexibility for an insanely low price.

Layer 4 – Validiform

They say that user data is more valuable than oil these days. That means that people’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is like black gold. Given that it has that much value, you don’t want to be scammed. Validiform is the layer of security you need to make sure that a user is an actual human being, and that they voluntarily and knowingly submitted their data.

Why It Works: Validiform not only automatically captures consent, but is also gives you the details of when and how consumers consented, and stores that digital proof as a video you can access from anywhere. It’s rock-solid, and you’ll be protected.

The Best in Bulk SMS Marketing Solutions

If you use this set of affordable software tools to build a monetization chain, you’ll be making more money in no time. Text-Calibur is the industry standard in bulk SMS marketing solutions that perform for affiliate marketers like you.

But let’s start with this first step: get a Text-Calibur account for free now.