Here at Text-Calibur, we’re an industry-leading online SMS service that’s dedicated to helping people like you send the very best SMS campaigns possible. Whether you’re a company, an entrepreneur, or a creator, our software is the gold standard when it comes to sending automated text messages to your subscribers. 


It’s no secret that text message marketing is becoming an absolutely essential part of any balanced marketing plan across a variety of industries. The open rates of SMS marketing and the speed at which customers get your offer aren’t possible on any other platform, and you need to capitalize on the SMS opportunities you have using Text-Calibur. 


You’re Missing Out on Easy Revenue

We work with businesses of all sizes and across all industries who are collecting customer data every single day– which often includes mobile phone numbers. This data is being collected ethically and is following all of the laws and guidelines of TCPA, and yet it ends up sitting in a CRM somewhere gathering dust. 


Most companies don’t realize that if they’re not using the mobile numbers they’re gathering from customers, that they’re missing out a huge opportunity for increased revenue. In recent times, Forbes magazine suggested that user data is more valuable than oil. So ask yourself this question: is your company sitting on an untapped oil field of user data?


Even if you have zero experience with how to monetize this data, Text-Calibur is here to help. Let’s talk about the Text-Calibur Partner Program.


The Text-Calibur Partner Program

Beyond simply using Text-Calibur, are you a more discerning marketer who’s looking for rapid and tangible growth? If so, you may be eligible for our Text-Calibur Partner Program. Read on to see its many features, benefits, and services– and why it might be the best thing to happen to your marketing strategy in a very long time. 


Who Is the Text-Calibur Partner Program For?

Are you a website or business owner who generates your own data, but you don’t have time to get into the nitty-gritty details of doing your own SMS marketing? If so, our partner program might be the perfect new revenue stream for you. 


Here at Text-Calibur, we have a dedicated, experienced team of SMS marketing experts who are up-to-the-minute on what’s going on in the text message marketing sphere. They understand what gets results, and are also fully compliant when it comes to the latest in regulations and laws. 


When you become a partner, our team becomes your team, and we’ll put our expertise to work monetizing your data with a custom-built marketing strategy. We’ll analyze your existing customer data and tailor-make a campaign that is perfect for your dataset and target audience.


How Does This Benefit Me?

The main benefit is that you can make additional revenue without any additional expense. The beauty of the partner program is that there’s absolutely no up-front cost to you at all. As a partner, we cover all of your send costs upfront. This includes outbound message rates and phone number rates, and any domain costs that are associated with sending the campaign.  


By monetizing data that you already possess, you can capitalize on an existing resource with zero increase in overhead. We will safely and securely build offers and send them to the data you provide, turning your dormant customer information into a hands-off profit machine. We do all of this by following all laws and guidelines and are TCPA compliant. There’s zero risk to you, and nothing but untapped profit and potential to gain. 


How Does the Text-Calibur Partner Program Work? 

It’s simple. When we partner, we will make all of the SMS marketing campaign sends for you through our platform, using offers on our network. You then keep 100% of the conversion profits. Send costs will be subtracted from your revenue (but not until it’s time for you to get paid). This works seamlessly and effortlessly for many of our partners, and with virtually no effort on your end, it can work for you too. 


(Oh, and ask about our referral program for partners! It’s even more opportunity to make revenue and help others do the same.)


Partners Get Short Codes

When you become a partner, you can get your own shortcode through Text-Calibur. You probably recognize shortcodes as the five to six digit, specialized phone numbers that are designed for safe SMS messaging. Outside of using Text-Calibur, getting shortcodes are expensive and time-consuming. 


So why do you need a shortcode?


You’ll have much higher opt-in and open rates for your offers. Shortcodes are considered secure by the general public. This is proven by the fact that the global opt-in rate for messaging apps is 77%, with a staggering 90% of text messages being opened and read within a matter of three minutes. 


Being only five to six digits long, shortcodes are also easier for your customers to remember, making it easier for them to recognize and trust your brand’s shortcode. 


One of the most powerful benefits of a shortcode is that you can rest assured that your business is complying with CTIA and FCC regulations (such as the TCPA). This will give you peace of mind that you aren’t going to get hit with a fine or get dragged into a lawsuit for any non-compliance. 


Shortcodes also increase deliverability drastically. When your shortcode is approved by the major carriers, they let messages come and go through it without the risk of being blocked. A shortcode is like a hall pass to reach your customer directly without the carriers intervening. 


Using shortcodes is also more profitable than using standard ten-digit long code (10 DLC) numbers because you have the option to send a link in the first message. If you try to send a link in the initial message without a shortcode, it’s like begging to have your message blocked by a carrier. Using a shortcode lets clients go directly to your offer in the first message. 


Shortcodes like this are only offered to our partners. Let’s talk today about how we can get you a shortcode, and begin to see results quickly for your SMS marketing campaigns. 


Send Partner Responder Sales

When you participate in one of our partner responder sales, we’ll send an initial message to your database with a keyword. Anyone who is interested in learning more responds with that keyword. Once this occurs, there are various ways you can maximize on your revenue.


Method 1 – Ping-Tree: Once the keyword response is received from the prospect, Text-Calibur will make an automated application programmable interface (API) call that sends the lead to the appropriate ping-tree.


Method 2 – Sell the Lead: Once the keyword response is received from the prospect, you can sell the information to call centers instead of sending them your own offer.


Method 3 – Follow-Up Offer: Once the keyword response is received from the prospect, send an additional offer 5-10 minutes later with instructions to check their email. Send a final offer to their email that will be in their inbox when they check it.


As you can see, this creates layers of potential revenue with multiple opportunities to monetize each prospect for yourself and others.


A Text-Calibur Account Offers Free SMS Marketing Tools

If you’re not already a customer, you can begin experiencing the benefits of using Text-Calibur quickly and easily. Our software gets incredible results using your customer data, ensuring that messages arrive, and that offers convert. If you want to build more revenue and increase your customer reach, you can use the power of cutting-edge, reliable SMS marketing software. 


Start your 100% free TextCalibur account here.

We’re Looking for Partners Like You


To become a partner, all you need is ethical, clean traffic, and you have to be generating TCPA compliant data. If this sounds like we’re describing you, then let’s talk about the benefits of our TextCalibur partner program. 


If you’re interested in learning more, contact [email protected] and we can start a conversation.