Texting has become a major part of our lives. We use our cell phones for texting all day long, whether it’s to communicate with friends and family or even just to keep up with the news of the day.

SMS stands for Short Message Service (basically texting), and it’s the standard way that people send text messages. You know that your customers are using their phones to text every day, so why not use that to your advantage?

By using SMS messages, you can easily start driving mobile sales and traffic. You can use SMS messaging to promote products, services, special offers, and events to your customers. Alternatively, you could use it to drive traffic to your website by sending links or coupons directly to the user’s phone.

SMS Helps Customers Track Their Orders

Using SMS for your online store opens up a ton of potential uses. One of the most obvious is being able to let customers get updates on their orders constantly, and request updates to go directly to their phones.

When a customer orders something online, they normally are eager to get it and if they have the option to sign up for tracking, they usually always will.

With SMS marketing, when there is a tracking update (shipped, delayed, enter a new state, etc.) you can send them an immediate message to let them know where it is in the delivery process.

Customers absolutely love this, so much to the point where they will sign up for some form of free membership to be able to see this tracking. Use that to your advantage!


SMS Can Be Used For Rewards

A very common tactic for any service or seller is using a rewards system. Rewards systems are great for many reasons, but the two biggest ones that the retailers care about is that it drives sales that otherwise wouldn’t happen, and rewards are one of the best ways to increase customer loyalty. Both of these things can be greatly enhanced with SMS, especially for online businesses!

While in-person stores greatly benefit from reward systems, there is a flaw that online businesses don’t need to deal with. We’ve all been in that situation where when we are at check out, all we want to do is get home, and the employee asks us to join their reward program. While a lot of people do sign up for these in-person rewards, a lot of the time, the customer just wants to leave and declines to sign up.

That’s where online businesses have an edge. It is much easier to entice your customers into a reward system online since you are able to show them immediate benefits, 

For example, while they are checking out on your online store, you can offer them tracking as mentioned above, or even an immediate discount on their purchase.

All you have to do is have a pop-up saying “Sign up with your phone number to receive a code for 25% off your first purchase” and your sign-up rates will go through the roof.

You can also constantly promote reward systems to drive more purchases via text. After your customer signs up, you can now text them deals or link a reward system to it, and then update them via text. This is a great way to bring people back to your business.

 If you notice some customers haven’t ordered from you in a while, shoot them a text with a discount code and they will come running back to you.


Shoppers Love The Convenience Of Mobile.

SMS messages are effective for driving mobile sales and traffic. You can use SMS messaging to promote products, services, special offers, and events to your customers. Or you could use it to drive traffic to your website by sending links or coupons directly to the user’s phone. 

With the constant use of mobile phones, consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to using their phones for almost every aspect of their daily activities. This is particularly true when it comes to shopping.

 The convenience and comfort of being able to shop from any location at any time have made online shopping popular with busy consumers who have little time to spare for traditional errands.

 With so many people opting for this method of shopping, online stores have found SMS marketing a useful tool in increasing sales and keeping customers happy. While they are shopping on mobile , you can easily send them confirmation texts since their phone is already in hand. 

Customers are also more likely to sign up for updates, rewards, or accounts when shopping on their phone if they can sign up with their phone number, since again, their phone is already in hand.


SMS Helps Raise Brand Awareness.

It’s no secret that customers want to know what’s new, and SMS notifications can help keep them in the loop. If you’re selling products like clothing or accessories, for example, it’s probably a good idea to send out notifications when new shipments come in. Not only does this give your customers an excuse to buy more of your product, but it also gives them something fun to look forward to. 

You might even consider setting up automated messages so that as soon as your stock gets replenished, users receive an SMS notification with details on what’s new and where they need to go next time they visit your store—all without having to lift a finger!


SMS Is More Accessible Than Email.

SMS is a great way to communicate with customers. It’s more accessible than email because many people do not have or regularly check their email addresses.

  • SMS is often easier to find than an email address. You can send an SMS message by typing the number and pressing send, whereas you’ll need to go through multiple steps or use a dedicated app in order to send an email on mobile devices.
  • Email messages are often blocked by spam filters, while SMS inboxes are generally not restricted like that. This means that companies have a better chance of reaching customers’ phones if they choose SMS as their preferred method of contact over traditional emails.
  • There’s also something more personable about receiving personal messages from companies that makes them more likely to open them than they would be otherwise


SMS Is A Perfect Tool For Promotions.

SMS is a great way to send out discounts and coupons. Have a “buy one, get one free” sale? You can use SMS as your channel for advertising this promotion. 

Customers are much more inclined to buy in a sale if it’s a limited time one. If they get sent an exclusive offer for a sale only lasting a couple days, they’ll be induced to a fear of missing out, and more often than not buy something they otherwise wouldn’t have. 

In the same vein, SMS messages are also helpful for sending customers news about new sales or new products. If you have new products available in-store, an SMS message is perfect for sharing the news with your customers via their phones.


You Need To Get Permission From Customers Before Sending Them Text Messages.

As a business owner, it’s important to make sure that you’re following all of the laws and regulations regarding SMS text messaging.

You must get permission from customers before sending them text messages. The best way to do this is to include a checkbox in your online store’s checkout process that says something like “I give my consent for [store name] or its agents/employees to contact me via text message about products and promotions.” Once customers check that box, they will be added to your company’s database of opted-in subscribers.


In the end, SMS marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Text messaging can’t replace email or social media, but it can complement them and help you reach a broader audience than email alone might allow. 

It’s also a great way to connect with customers on mobile devices, which is where many people now do their shopping. If you have questions about how SMS could work for your store, business, or brand, feel free to contact us here!